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Happy New Year 2016 from Bequia
"the perfect Caribbean Island!"

Watch the Fireworks Video on YouTube

2016 Bequia New Year's Fireworks Slide-show

Bequia Mount Gay Music Fest 2016

Bequia Mount Gay Music Fest 2015 Slide-show

Bequia Easter Regatta 2016

Bequia Easter Regatta 2015 Slide-show

Bequia this Week

What's happening in Bequia this week?
Bequia this Week - Magazine Flip Version

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Bequia this Week - Classic Pdf Version


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Bequia Mount Gay Music Fest
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Bequia Book
Bequia Reflections

Julie Savage Lea 
         - An Artist in the Caribbean

This 48-page collection of sketches and paintings truly  captures the vibrancy of Caribbean life on the tiny Grenadine island of Bequia as well as exploring its mystery and beauty.

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