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Now available - Colored Pencil Sketches, Posters, Giclée Prints on Canvas

Tropical Eden
Giclée Print on Canvas in 3 sizes, shipped rolled

The original was commissioned by Pat Mitchell and hangs in the dining room of the Gingerbread Restaurant in Bequia

Eden - Print on Canvas

Full size print, 3 feet x 8 feet: 1,000 US$ plus postage
Half size print, 1 1/2 feet x 4 feet: 500 US$ plus postage
Small print, 14" x 38": 250US$ plus postage
Please allow 8 weeks for delivery.

Small Original Color Pencil Sketches of Bequia Life
mounted on 5" x 7" mat board

30US$ each plus 10US$ postage from Bequia

Colored Pencil Sketch Bequia
Couple under the Almond Tree
Port Elizabeth
Colored Pencil Sketch Bequia
Belmont Walkway
Gingerbread Café
Colored Pencil Sketch Bequia
Fresh Bread and Jewellery Stand
Colored Pencil Sketch Bequia
Bequia "Tante" at window
Colored Pencil Sketch Bequia
Washing Lady...
Colored Pencil Sketch Bequia Colored Pencil Sketch Bequia Colored Pencil Sketch
Two Boys liming in the Harbour

Colored Pencil Sketch Bequia
 Relaxing under the Almond Tree

Colored Pencil Sketch
Under the Almond Trees on the Beach

Colored Pencil Sketch
Whaling Boats and small Fishing Boat in Friendship Bay
Colored Pencil Sketch
Wooden Cottage
above Admiralty Bay

Colored Pencil Sketch
Mount Pleasant Home

Jolie Poster

16" x 21.5" 20US$ plus 12US$ postage from Bequia
Poster Bequia   

About the artist...

  Julie is a life-long artist with a university degree in Painting and Drawing. A sailing vacation with her family from their home in Virginia, USA, to the Caribbean islands of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in 1978, led to over 30 years of Julie's Caribbean travels and painting in Bequia.

  Each visit inspired new painting styles as she visually explored the aspects of island life. Julie is now a permanent resident of Bequia. In 2006, she and her husband bought a house perched on a hill, high over the Atlantic at Spring Plantation.

  Visit her studio, Mango Tree Cottage, on the main road leading from Port Elizabeth, just above the tennis court of the Gingerbread Hotel.
Call for an appointment.

 See for more of Julie's work.

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